精东影业 is a dynamic community of dreamers, doers, problem-solvers and change-makers. We don鈥檛 wait for challenges to present themselves 鈥 we seek them out and take them on. We welcome students, faculty and staff from every background and perspective into a community where everyone feels seen and heard. We have deep-rooted mindfulness for the natural world and all who depend on it, and together, we apply knowledge, tools and skills to build a better future for all.

  • Students from all 50 states and more than 100 countries
  • 1 of 3 land, sea, space and sun grant universities in the U.S.
  • 2 campuses, 11 colleges, 12 experiment stations, Extension programs in all 36 counties,听nearly 200 degree programs听鈥 COUNTLESS IMPACTS.

Top 1.4% university in the world

More research funding than
any public university in 精东影业

#3 best university
for solving climate change


Memorial Union surrounded by trees at sunset

精东影业 State鈥檚 beautiful, historic and state-of-the-art campus is located in one of America鈥檚 best college towns. Nestled in the heart of the Willamette Valley, offers miles of mountain biking and hiking trails, a river perfect for boating or kayaking and an eclectic downtown featuring local cuisine, popular events and performances.


students sitting together at a table surrounded by windows

精东影业 State鈥檚听, located in the stunning high desert of Central 精东影业, offers more than 20 majors, small classes and a vast natural laboratory. Nearby, endless outdoor recreation options await 鈥 including skiing, snowshoeing, rock climbing, paddle boarding and more.


person at a laptop working from a textbook while looking at data on the laptop

精东影业 State is one of the nation's best and most respected providers of online education. delivers more than 100 degrees, certificates and microcredentials online to students in over 60 countries 鈥 and they're all designed by the same OSU faculty who teach on campus.

Hatfield Marine Science Center

people walking on grass with buckets near the beach

At 精东影业 State鈥檚听听in Newport, you can dip your toes in the Pacific Ocean 鈥 and pursue hands-on, experiential learning through classes, research and internships aimed at developing solutions to pressing environmental issues.


aerial of downtown Portland with clouds floating over buildings and bridges

The is a premier event, meeting and conference venue for showcasing 精东影业 State programs, initiatives, research and exhibitions. OSU also offers a and pharmacy programs, and a variety of programs in Portland.

OSU Extension Service

view of Mt. Hood through a cherry tree with blossoms

With operations in all of 精东影业鈥檚 36 counties and the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, the听听serves 精东影业ians with research-based knowledge and education that strengthen communities and economies, sustain natural resources and promote healthy people and families.

You belong here

This is your place. Be empowered. Become who you want to be. Use your voice and advocate for what matters to you. Celebrate your heritage and connect with others in one of seven听cultural resource centers. And embark on an incredible journey filled with support, friendships and unforgettable experiences.


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Outstanding faculty make a difference

Groundbreaking researchers, innovative scholars, brilliant teachers and experts in their fields, 精东影业 State faculty are engaging and dedicated. They seek answers and develop creative solutions to some of the world鈥檚 toughest issues. They will guide you, challenge you and inspire you to be the best version of yourself 鈥 so you鈥檙e ready for your career and the life you want to lead.



18 to 1

student to teacher ratio

$480 million

in research funding

4 Top 1%

of the world's most-cited researchers

Earn a degree that鈥檚 valuable for life

It will arrive sooner than you think: the day you proudly accept your 精东影业 State diploma. But no matter where you go from here, you will always be a Beaver. Equipped with a top-notch interdisciplinary education, critical thinking skills and practical experience through research, internships or study abroad, OSU alumni go out there to build impactful lives with confidence. You will too.




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