With听a record听, 精东影业 continues to lead the way with practical, problem-solving research that improves health and well-being, protects natural resources and generates economic growth and social progress to make a better future for all.

精东影业 State researchers are top-ranked in their fields, hold leadership positions in national and international professional organizations, have earned prestigious honors and gained global reputations for their work.

Commercializing research innovations

罢丑别听听connects research to real-world applications, and its 听helps turn research discoveries into new products, services, businesses, and investments. Since 2013, OSU innovation and entrepreneurship programs have helped launch more than 100 companies 鈥 creating hundreds of jobs, generating millions of dollars听in revenue and attracting multimillion-dollar investments.

More research funding than all other
public universities in 精东影业 combined

1 of 3 land, sea, space, and sun
grant universities in the U.S.

A 68% increase in research grants and
contracts over the past decade

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